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WDO/termite Inspections

Termites are the most damaging aspect to structures in Florida; more than all the fires, floods and hurricanes every year.....combined! The evidence of a termite infestation can be subtle at first, undetectable by the untrained eye. Most times when the homeowner discovers an infestation the damage is already extreme and expensive. Other times a home buyer may opt for an unqualified inspector for the ease of logistics (ie, a home inspector doing a termite inspection). This would be the same as using your family doctor to do your heart surgery to save and additional visit and expense for a specialist.

Please only use a licensed certified pest control representative for this inspection.

It is not enough to recognize what evidence looks like, the inspector needs to know the biology, habits and motives of a termite colony. This enable the inspector to know where to look for evidence that hasn’t made it self known to the untrained eye

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